Online Coaching

The fitness world can be confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming. My goal is to take away the guesswork so you can achieve your goals.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle is knowing what to do and how to do it.

Through online coaching, we’ll work together to create a customized training program and nutrition strategy that will help you achieve your goals. We’ll have weekly progress check-ins to discuss your plan and make any adjustments needed to ensure you’re making progress.


  • Consultation to start the program
  • Training Program
  • Nutrition Strategy
  • Weekly progress check-ins
  • Daily email support

The Coaching Process

Consultation Call

Free 30 minute call where we can discuss your goals, obstacles, and get to know each other to see if it will be a good fit as well as answer any questions you have.

Assessment and Game Plan

If we are a good fit, we’ll proceed to the assessment and I’ll create a game plan on how we’re going to attack your goals. Maybe that’s to lose body fat, gain muscle, improve your endurance, or improve your health.

Next, I will create a program that is customized to you. It will be based on your goals, lifestyle, limitations, gym and equipment availability, etc. It will be something that is sustainable, fun, and targeted at your goals.

If you hate a certain exercise, no problem! We can change it. I want you to enjoy this program and believe in it. It will be a collaboration.

You will also get exercise form checks as needed to make sure you are moving correctly and safely.

Nutrition Strategy

You will receive individualized nutrition recommendations based on your goals and lifestyle. One of my main goals is to help you improve your relationship with food and nutrition. This can often be a very intimidating topic, but I will make it simple for you.


We’ll have weekly check-ins so I can offer you encouragement and answer any questions you have. You can also email me any time during the week and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Having someone to be accountable to can often be the kickstart you need to start your fitness journey and be successful.


Fill out the application below and I will contact you!

I’m 9 weeks postpartum and have been struggling to get my weight down. Usually after each pregnancy, the weight comes off fast, but this time, my weight wasn’t going anywhere!

I reached out to Christy who calculated my macros and found I wasn’t eating enough. She took into consideration that I’m breastfeeding and increased my calories. I am amazed at how much that helped! I have plenty of energy and have been losing about 1lb a week! Thank you, Christy!

Female, 39

The workouts I was doing on my own were pretty basic and my fitness had plateaued. Christy taught me new, more complex exercises that work multiple muscle groups more consistently and helped me push myself further. I’m so much stronger now than this time last year and I spend the same amount of time exercising.

– Male, 35

I had a lot of low back pain and a very weak core. I felt very weak in general and not doing any strength training for years. I reached out to Christy and she put together a program for me that helped me feel stronger, especially in my core. My back isn’t bothering me anymore and I can run without pain. So grateful for Christy!

– Female, 42

I’ve really loved having workouts tailored to me and my goals! It takes the guesswork out of exercising. I don’t have to waste time wondering about what I should do each day. When I have a premade schedule and a ready-to-go workout, I’m much less likely to skip out on strength training! It’s helping build the consistency I need. I’m getting stronger each week and I feel good!

-Female, 44

Christy’s workouts are fun and challenging. I feel stronger and am finally seeing growth in my legs and chest. The nutrition aspect has been really helpful as well.

-Male, 39